It's time to #ThinkSTEM!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - and forms a core part of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Although these subjects may sound better suited to a classroom than your living room, but you’ll be amazed at how many of your day-to-day childminding activities involve STEM.

Have you ever looked at objects floating in a water tray, baked cakes with your minded children, built junk models or counted out play money? Yes? Well then, you’ve already touched upon the key elements of STEM without even noticing.

Working alongside the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC), SCMA has become a market-leader in developing a range of STEM learning resources designed specifically for childminders in Scotland, including two new courses to add to your Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) and a series of STEM-themed Network Meetings.

Network Meetings to help you #ThinkSTEM

Whilst we are generating interest and developing our new #ThinkSTEM courses, SCMA members are also invited to our STEM Network Meetings.  Giving you a flavour of STEM and how it can enhance your childminding practice, our series of STEM Network Meetings will also give you the chance to share ideas with local childminders and find out more about support from SCMA. 

Forfar 28 October
Elgin 16 November
Edinburgh 25 November
Inverurie 2 December
Hamilton Monday 16 March (7pm-9pm)
Dumfries Saturday 21 March (2pm-4pm) 
Glasgow Coming soon in 2020
Argyll & Bute Coming soon in 2020
Inverclyde Coming soon in 2020

28 October

16 November, 10am - 12pm, Elgin Primary School

25 November, 7pm-9pm, Craigmount Community Wing, Craigs Road, EH12 8NH

2 December, 7pm - 9pm, Fly Cup Catering, Unit 2 Advertising House, Burghmuir Circle, Blackhall Industrial Estate, AB51 4FS

Argyll & Bute
Coming in 2020

Coming in 2020

South Lanarkshire
Coming in 2020

Dumfries and Galloway
Coming in 2020

For further information and to book a place at our free STEM Network Meetings, please call our Learn with SCMA team on 01786 445377 

New #ThinkSTEM courses coming soon... 

SCMA has worked alongside the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) to develop our latest Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) courses, which are now available online via our easy-to-use e-Learning platform or as Interactive Learning. 

Think STEM: An Introduction for Childminders and Exploring Your Senses
Think STEM: Science Inquiry and STEM Outdoors 

Thanks to funding from Education Scotland, SCMA is able to offer a number of free places on our new STEM courses. These will be offered on a first-come first-served basis, but first we need to gauge interest from our childminders members and find out more.

We also work to negotiate contracts and new opportunities to help childminders develop their skills, experience and encourage their businesses to grow.

STEM Resources and Useful Links