Blended Care: SCMA update

Blended Care: SCMA update
We continue to receive a high level of contact and concern from childminders about the current temporary restrictions on blended care. We are aware that some of you are already losing business due to this and also of the potentially significant adverse effects which this could have on your businesses if these restrictions were to continue much longer – particularly as many of you are currently receiving demand from parents who need to know very soon what their childcare options will be when the schools go back.

We have had further constructive discussions with the Scottish Government who are listening, understand and are aware of the practical pressures which childminders and parents/carers are facing.

Following the announcement that schools will be able to return fully on 11 August, we have specifically asked for similar advance clarity of intent regarding where it is hoped childcare and, in particular, blended placements will be when the schools go back and if current restrictions will be lifted in advance of then. We believe this would provide much-needed clarity and enable parents/carers, childminders and other childcare providers to plan ahead as much as is possible at this time.

Please remain assured that we continue to be actively involved in contributing to discussions regarding this. New guidance for Out of School Care is expected shortly and our current childminding guidance is also being reviewed to support the wider re-opening of the early learning and childcare sector in Phase 3 (provisionally from 15 July). It is anticipated that these documents will provide further clarity about blended care.