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Barbara Dennistoun, a childminder in South Lanarkshire, features in the nationwide campaign for Parent Club Scotland.

This Scottish Government campaign aims to highlight the additional funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) funded hours, and provides information for parents on all ELC providers, including high-quality childminders.

Barbara and her mindees are appearing on posters at various locations across Scotland - all of the children had great fun in front of the camera and felt like superstars on the day! 

You are entitled to funded ELC that meets the needs of your family. If childminding isn’t available as an option in your area, please contact your local authority, councillor and/or MSP.
ELC Parent Letter Template May 2020 ELC Parent Letter Template (specific to COVID-19) ELC Contacts_updated June 2021 Find your MSP
ELC Blogs
Written by members of the SCMA team, these blogs cover a range of topics within the subject of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC). They provide a broad overview of the significance ELC and an in-depth look at the details that matter to childminders.
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Policy documents
Want to know more? Here's a range of policy and guidance documents relating to funded ELC in Scotland to help you get the detail behind the headlines. SCMA has been involved in the development of ELC guidance from the beginning; representing our members and influencing changes at all levels for the benefit of childminding in Scotland.
National Standard for ELC summary for childminders Health and Social Care Standards Easy Read Health and Social Care Standards Ebook version National Standard for ELC
An overview (by local authority) of childminders providing funded ELC hours to eligible two, three and four-year olds in Scotland
SCMA ELC Audit Report 2019_FINAL_v2

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